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20cm x 25cm 18 pieces



The wave of Hong Kong 

Look_the wave of Hong Kong

《觀聲》refers to looking at the sound, which is the concept of my Graduation Thesis that I would like to throw off the yoke as well as break the limitation and prejudice of media – sound. In human physiology and psychology, sound is the reception of such waves and their perception by the brain (Fundamentals of Telephone Communication Systems, 1969) and we perceive sound as a media that only can be sensed through hearing. However, in my work I visualized the sound, using the shape of sound-wave as a visual media to deliver the content from the recordings of my journey across Hong Kong 18 districts.


Several weeks were spent for the field trips which are about visiting all of the Hong Kong districts to investigate whether the subjective, fun, spoof and irony facts told by the netizens could be proofed or not. It is a kind of reaction to the forums discussion about the netizen’s subjective impression of 18 districts which is often raised these years.


It can be called an interdisciplinary work which combining photography, sound, social study and documentation art. The project which also focus on the experience as well as the studying process, the action and my engagement into the society through the voice from the forum is part of the artwork itself. So,《觀聲》refers to looking at the sound, and the sound is not only referring the sound recorded during the field trips across 18 districts, but also the sound from those netizens and medias.

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